EN: An American perspective on transatlantic data flows

It’s time for a new agreement on transatlantic data flows

Global data flows now contribute more to growth than the global trade in goods. International trade underpinned by data flows reached nearly $700 billion in exports from the U.S. and nearly $500 billion in imports, according to the Annual Survey of Jobs, Trade and Investment between the United States and Europe from 2021.

Therefore, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the world’s largest business organisation, now call for a new transatlantic data flow framework to replace Privacyshield.

In this webinar, we talk to Sean Heather, Senior Vice President for International Regulatory Affairs & Antitrust about:

  • Why data flows are important to the American companies and trade?
  • What kind of agreement the U.S. Chamber of Commerce would like to see? And what is possible?
  • Which obstacles he sees to the process, and how we should approach them?
  • Mass surveillance is obviously an issue. We ask Sean Heather how he sees that issue being resolved?

We also take the broader picture because the world of data is more than Europe and the US. Does the OECD track and data free flow with trust hold any promises?

This webinar is hosted by PrivacyBoozt and The American Chamber of Commerce in Denmark.

Please join (if you do not have the time to join live, please register for the webinar anyway and we will send the recording to you afterwards).


20 Oct 2021


15:00 - 16:00

Spoken language