EN: Marketing & privacy – an odd couple? (with Inga Zapala)

Do you know how to make your:

  • Social media marketing and

  • Direct marketing


At this webinar, Legal counsel and DPO, Inga Zapala will take on social media marketing and direct marketing from a legal point of view.

We will start with social media marketing going through what happens when you market your product at for instance Facebook, getting new customers to your web site. Inga Zapala will go through the legal requirements throughout that process.

We will also tackle direct marketing and what you are allowed to do when reaching out to both people you already know and potential customers.

A couple of months ago, Inga Zapala, held a PrivacyBoozt webinar on cookie-law. If you are interested, watch it right here: Webinar: Know your cookie-law

Who should attend:

  • Privacy and GDPR professionals who want an update on marketing regulation

  • Business owners and

  • Marketing people who want to know how to do social media marketing and direct marketing legal

Inga Zapala is a four-lingual Legal Counsel specializing in Corporate Law and Data Protection in the scope of EU and International Laws. She has spent eight years abroad while obtaining education and further professional practice on the international arena. See more about her: http://www.ingazapala.com

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24 Sep 2021


11:00 - 12:00

Spoken language