UK: Collaboration – make GDPR a joint effort

“The goal is that our various departments should work with personal data and GDPR as a natural part of their daily tasks. That is possible now, because our system is easily accessible.” – Louise Heilskov, general counsel, LOGSTOR.

A privacy compliance system should enable collaboration within your organization. Does yours?

We have designed a privacy management solution specifically to organize, manage and automate your GDPR work efficiently and enable collaboration throughout your organisation. With our Scandinavian background we have made it functional, simple and clean. Those of your colleagues who do not have much experience with GDPR will be able to work in Wired Relations with very little introduction.

Wired Relations is used by hundreds of European companies.

In 20 minutes, sales engineer, Julian Hicks, will show you Wired Relations and how we have made it easy to organize, manage and automate your privacy compliance.

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03 Mar 2021


Note: GMT
11:00 - 11:20