It is all about privacy

In PrivacyBoozt we have collected some of the greatest sources of information within the fields of GDPR, information security and data protection law. Our purpose is to pass on industry expert knowledge by the means of webinars, live events and networking, and in a way that is directly applicable to the daily work of privacy professionals. 

PrivacyBoozt is run by Wired Relations, and we cooperate with privacy experts dedicated to sharing their knowledge to the benefit of others in the privacy professional community. If you wish to cooperate with us, or if you have ideas for topics you wish for us to address, please write Jacob Høedt Larsen, Head of Communications, on

The partners

Wired Relations

Wired Relations is a privacy solution that makes it easier for you to manage your organisation’s GDPR compliance. Wired Relations is used by hundreds of large and small companies to handle and maintain compliance with global regulations and standards such as GDPR, ISO27001, CCPA and other privacy regulations.

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Brian Nygaard Oswald, lawyer from OswaldGDPR, runs our sought-after weekly webinars about the latest resolutions from the Data Protection Agency. He makes sure you are well up to date in just half an hour.

Brian runs OswaldGDPR and is known for his ability to talk law in a clear, interesting, relevant, applicable and, not least, fun and entertaining way. If you fear the gruesome death by Powerpoint, GDPR information delivered the “Oswald Way” will come as a welcome surprise. He’ll use anything from Kahoot quizzes and red wine prizes to weekly network meetings, discussion groups and yearly events on fancy hotels, etc. to keep you on your toes.
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